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in new york, briep anne brian i a lawyer for a man known as victim number five who testified at sandusky's trial says his client is relieved the philadelphia inquirer which broke the knees says the settlement amounts to several million dollars.llio the paper went on to say theay t settle thes are expected soon in 25 more claims. penn state declined.ecli the position drived to the boot mayor filner from pofs. more than a dozen women have publicly accused filner of making inappropriate statements or advances towards them. 70-year-old democrat has resisted numerous calls to t resign. federal judge says thehe controversial stop and frisk law is unconstitutional and a form of racial profiling but new yort city police commissioner rayner kelly continues to defend the law. appearing on cbs's nation face the nation the recently requestc
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for officers to wear bodyod cameras not a solution to theuto issue. >> the body camera issue opens up certainly more questions thao it answers. when do you have the cameras on? when do you turn them off? do you have them on during a domestic dispute? do you have them on when somebody comes to give you y confidential information? all of these issues have to be answered. >> new york city mayor magicalmi bloomburg says the city plans to file an appeal on the judge's ruling. coming up, beer drinkers beware, which ones coulduld increase your chances of ending up in the emergency room. >> and there's more proof thatot dogs are man's best friend. the results of a new study, next. 
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>> a new study shows beer landss people in the emergency rumor often. bud light, and colt 45 were consumed by remember r er
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patients. the john hopkins school of public health also revealed one-third of visits to traumauma centers were alcohol-related. a >> other studies leftlceft researchers to make a new study. male turkeys commonly use a wing man to help attract females.emal the stew found whenever a dominant male was looking for a mate, he would bring a subordinate knit male with him m to get theal woman's attractiont the dom inablility male would wu then mate with the female.e. a new study may prove dogs are man's best friend. researchers found people feel more empaththy when it comes to dogs than other humans. a group was told stories about either an animal or child or or adult being attacked. the research showing the dog and the child got more empathy thany the adults and it's not just dogs. the results would likely be similar if the animal were a cat. >> i want to go back to that turkey thing for a second.
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that works with humans, too, with guys. a guy more slumpy than you, to get the girl's attention. >> that's what i hear. h >> let's leave the connection, men and tu turkeys. >> plus, dolphins turning upng dead up and down the east coast, including beaches in virginia. we'll show you why some are concerned if the problem isn't isolated. >> laura, we have kind of a dreary sun saturday with aful sprinkles but big changes ahead in the seven-day forecast. for starters, we'll ditch the clouds and boy will it feel lukl august again. we'll talk about that with your seven-day forecast next on the news. come back.
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>> the number of dawf finishesr dying along thofe east coast continues to increase. one recently washed up near
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norfolk virginia racing thehe number to 120 since july. we take a closer look. >> reporter: normally they justl swim up and down, close to the shore, but all of a sudden, you, know web we just started seeing them on the beach, all up and down the beach. now this has become a spec ca cal on the sand, another deadly dolphin. >> it's just amazing we find ala these dolphins washed up on the beach. >> how will you feel when youu bring your kids down to the beach and see a dead dolphin.olh >> reporter: ask kevin hawk, hi, daughter just did.. >> my daughter wanted to take a walk down the pier and out of the conner of my a eye i saw one clipper sticking up.p. >> reporter: their death at seven times the normal rate is a mystery to all, possibly disease, possibly polluted watew but everyone here is hoping whatever is going on is isolated to the dolphin population and wondering if that's possibles while humans share the same water on the beach everyday.
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>> i think the water needs to be tested more if you're going to bring in these species and they're beautiful species. >> reporter: among the questions surrounding the dolphin deaths, one thing is clear. >> we need a solution to the problem. to find out what's going on. it's simple as that. >> they're dying on beaches like that, something is very wrong. i hope they find out soon. >> that was fox's anita bantin. six dolphins have been founden dead on new jersey beaches. the federal government has joined several scientists toenti determine the cause. a dangerous encounter for a woman in south carolina attacked by an eight-foot alligator while walking her dog. this woman injured her foot and panicked and being bitten by the gator. it quickly retreated off, later captured by local critter management. >> i heard a huge splash. i thought something fell in thee water. when i turned to look, it was an
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eight-foot gator coming out full speed, mouth open and hissing. >> wow! critter management says it took about four hours to capture the gator and found a nest nearby in the lagoon with 40 to 60 eggs. >> imagine this, a california mother makes an astepson quicking discovery after a sea snail egg grew in her child's knee and hatched. hat she didn't think much until a week later when he fell again at the the 4-year-old's knee quickly became swollen and hot to the touch. after treating and squeezing the cut, the snail popped out. the child is doing just fine. fn the family kept the snail and named it turbo. >> oh, my goodness. >> you know the movie that's auto right now. i guess that's's lesson to check scrapes. >> just one more thing to worry
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about. >> what's the weather like there? >> i just got back from the beach. thank goodness none-that happened. >> lots of rain today at the beach. >> it wasn't the best beek weekend. a lot cooler than it's supposed to be but all of that will change, hang in there. today has been murky and it will remain so through the evening and much as it looks like itt wants to rain, guys, i'm not sure we'll see much tonight,onig maybe a couple of spotty sprinkles. there has been anywhere from maybe a few one hundreths of an inchch rain to .25 of an inch. that may be enough to promote fog later tonight. meanwhile today well below the average of 87. 87. it was 74 degrees at reagan national, 72 at dulles, bwi, 93 but the big headline is, that the heat is be coming b back and i'm talking temperatures in the upper 80s. s not 90, not tomorrow but right t
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after that, it looks like highh pressure will build in and do d what it does in august aroundund here. tomorrow, though, a mix of clouds and sunshine. heavier on the clouds, i think with a passing shower. best change a little bit south of dc but we'll keep them in the forecast. we can't even rule out a rumble of thunder because there will be a disturbance coming through west virginia into virginia and crossing through our region. it may find another atmospheric administering to trigger a thunderstorm. full steam ahead for tuesday, hard to go back to school on tuesday in frederick county because we get up to 787 degrees. so it feels like a summer day d and a lot of sunshine. here is a check of radar because not as much showing up even just an hour or so but a few sprinkles from clarkburg to dc and down into charles county. this is not amounting to muchmuh more, maybe the intermitt tent wipe. everything else has moved away a even the few showers that we
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were tracking, coming across lower southern maryland have dissipated. although you may be getting a few more and those will move quickly and not deposit much in the way of rain. all of this was within an area of low pressure so that's why it wasn't so great at the beaches and that storm system is pulling away. so we'll be left in the middle with clouds around and perhaps just enough breaks in the clouds to proa meet fog. off to of the west, you may be y able to see more showers starting to show up. that's what we have to wait to get through a slow pros spes but this disturbance will be tracking to our area tonight. i'll keep a chance for a shower in the overnight hours and a spotty shower or storm tomorrow. they're water logged in the sr. united states and some is tropical moisture out of thest gulf of mexico.urxico so places like mobile have had five, six, sech inches rain anda atlanta has had a crazy westbound. a lot of heavy rain, almostn, obviously too much, flash floodh
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potential with so much rain this year that now the crops are in danger. temperature-wise, our clouds and a few sprinkles around have definitely kept them down, 74 is actually our high for day. most places are in the upper 60s to 70. manasis, 69 but while we're cool, that's you not how it's going. the mid-atlantic has cooler air but we look off to the west and then down to the south and there is still plenty of summer. del rio at 100, even chicago at 80 degrees, warm or than we are. buffalo is warmer than we are. some of this heat will gett pulled back into is the area by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. it's a nice 64, mostly clouds, just a spotty shower wr very little around but again tomorrow, we may trigger a shower or storm. i don't think everybody will see it. our temperature is 81 degrees and a mix of clouds and sun. the kids going back to school, low 60s.
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don't worry about the rain gearr but a couple of showers and your seven-day forecast, here is thes hot stuff. how about tuesday with sunshinen 87 degrees. a real summer-like day on wednesday and thursday and can't rule out maybe a spotty storm s both of those afternoons. we keep it warm on friday, saturday and sunday. so our brief break of talking about september is just about to end, even though they're pulline out the mums and somebody justjt wrote on facebook that halloween costumes are out at costco. >> we have halloween costume c catalog about three, four weeks ago. >> pushing the season. >> it is fun to look forward to that. >> so i forget how much i love fall around here. >> fall is great. the consulation that september and october is the nicest weather we get here. >> thanks. singer jennifer lopez returning to the american idol judge's table.
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j.-low's boyfriend cas per smarp spilled the beans. he was administer the impression fox made the announcement. she will be joined by rirningir judge keith urban, and it returns for the 13 season in 2014. the butler got success at the box office. the new film took home the top spot with $25 million. $ the comedy where are the millers finished second with 17 million dollars. and the top five were the disney animated film, plane. coming up, the coach behind the red skins and after working overtime, the nats sneak a win over the first-place braves. scott smith is up next with sunday in sports. [ man ] launch sequence initiated.
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>> a high school cheer leadererl injured perform ag stunt in georgia. her mother says she was sent home after the game but no oneoo
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told her to seek medical attention. >> she was in severe pain and couldn't move. fox's kaitlyn pratt has more. >> reporter: this is so bad ashley jackson heads home if the hospital. >> she was thrown up in the air seven feet. >> reporter: the 17-year-old in a neck brace. too embarrassed to show her face. the columbia high cheerleader hurt during a pregame practice friday. >> she landed on her head. ancht ashley's grandmother saids the teen continued to cheer for the game. this morning, signs of trouble. >> she got out of the bed and told me, she said grandmother, my head is >> reporter: she calledalle paramedics when the 17-year-old then passed out.. an ambulance brought her to children's henry county of atlanta where doctors diagnosedd ashley with a concussionion. c >> they released her,on but she still hases to go through some specialist.
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>> reporter: gaston says she wants this scare shared to show the scarriness of atlantic athlc injuries. >> she could have died in her sleep. >> that was fox's kaitlyn pratt. the teen is expected to be ok. the family says they would have started medical attention had h they known what happened. over the last few years theh narcs biggest rival has been the philly's. there's a new team, the atlanta braves. showdowns have been more meaningful in the division and heated on the diamond despite d the braves winning the games, gm half of them decided by a single run like last bottom of the ninth, the nats lead 7-5. soriano just one away from am a win. but jason heyward had something to say. with a runner on, it's all of that and walks it off. smacks it to deep center field, ties the game at seven. soriano's save, sixth of the
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year, move to the top of the 15th now. most people well asleep by now. adam laroche said you should have waited up. the game winning homerun, laroche's 18th big fly of the year and it's a game that lasted nearly five and a half hours. back at the bull park nine hours later again the braves. gonzalez on the hill, braves lead 1-0, chris johnson in the red zone. braves take a 2-0 lead. move to the top of the seventh, jayson werth comes through witht a base hit, right center field, rendone scores, cuts the deficid in half, 2-1. wert has a ten-game hitting streak. the next batter is adam laroche, strikes out, wert gunned down at second.ond. inning is over.
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nats left 11 runners on base. b top of the ninth, nats with a. runner on, down to the last, bryce harper check swing, braveb win the game and the series 2-12 >> they're pitching well and they're run differential is over a hundred.dred that's the formula. that's what we did last year. so i think they have a heck of a ball club. c they've been playing at a highh level. even the guys coming off the t bench are playing very well. that was our strength last year, too. and unfortunately we haven't been able to carry it on this year. >> the orioles hosting the rockies this afternoon, the o.'s lead 1-0. chris davis on, for adam joneses tattoos it to left center fieldf and the birds in front, 3-0.. head to the bottom of the seventh, 3-2 lead.
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brian roberts base hit up the middle. chris davis scores followed by b adam jones. roberts with seven rbis. so the birds out front 5-2 move to the bottom of the eighth with a runner on and effortlessly,orl just sens it over the wall, two-run shot, mlb leading 45 homeruns. davis four hit ps on the day ass the o.s defeat the rockies. to football, last year the red skins had one of the best run defenses but often burn in the passing game. they finished 30 out of 32. it's an area the teach addressed in the off season using seven of their draft picks.ks. had it not been for a foot injury to thomas all three would get extensive playing time. rambo will start this season. with hall and josh wilson, they hope the secondary can become a position of strength and says s they're in good hands with fiery
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coach morris at the helm. h >> he's a great guy and the players like that. everybody is different. guys but i like his style.le. he likes the players and works hard and understands the scheme. >> coaching is awesome. this is what we do. we have fun and compete. we develop a brotherhood of men. you go out there and play the game and find ways to win. that's the bottom line. that's what i do. >> i know, it's just a preseasop but this is a big game, mondayy night, tomorrow night home opener against the steelers. so come on, hide it, please. it's going to be on our sister station. it's my 20 at 8:00. today's michigan 400, jimmy johnson who crashed in practice started last but took the lead e only to have engine trouble. this is the in-board cam, dale
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earnhardt jr., cut the tires t slides down the wall. the front fire mangled.. 44 laps to go and kyle bush who won last week slides throughgh traffic and show doesn't hit the oncoming cars and lagona earned the 204-miles an hour. he would lead 51 of the 200 laps and win for the first time this year. kevin har bill self dick second. speaking of the chase, it pullss into richmond actually september that is the final race before the chase. c >> a crazy maureen. she cut you off again in the parking lot. >> we saw that going down wisconsin the other day, a car on rims. i thought it had to be someone who worked here. [laughter]
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>> making is quick escape. e >> talking about weather, the forecast, this is the first timt we had to trot out the bus stopb forecast for the kids. kid for the boys and girls in frederick, maryland as well as prince gore's county, you won't mind going to going because there will be clouds, maybe fog. we'll say 64 to 67. can't route a shower during the day but definitely a cool startt it doesn't feel like an august n day for sure. we climb to 81 degrees on. on tuesday, 87 and the heat is back. >> ok, colts are playing at 7:00 tonight and we'll see you w after the game. see you then. goodbye.
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>> what a throw by eli manning. andrew luck! >> touchdown! >> and he will race to the end zone. >> i don't think anybody can catch him. >> one man to beat. ♪
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